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  New Connecticut Website:
  new website is up a running please look for all new information there

I would like to thank everyone who has supported and helped CT USA Gymnastics over the last 10 years as state chair. this website will be closed in the  next few weeks and I will give you the new address asap.  The calendar has beenupdated as of June 27th. If you are interested in hosting meets please let Laurieknow immediately.


Tops pracitice test  is on June 26th at Glastonbury (GET) 3pm  $20.00 entry fee at


Send athlete names and age


  Click here for information on the 2014 Judges Cup
  Cllick Here for information on the judges scholarships!

2013-2017 Xcel Code of Points Errata

Date added

to Errata

Pg #






4. Leaps and Jumps: Silver split angle figure – change “NO Value Part” to “NO Special Requirement” as it is in figures for the other divisions.




#5.305 Delete “(2 sec)” See pg 95, H, 2 for handstand clarification.




#5.106, 5.206, 5.306, 5.307 Delete “(2 sec)” See pg 95, H, 2 for handstand clarification.




#5.208 and 5.308 Delete “(2 sec)” See pg 95, H, 2 for handstand clarification.




Examples for Bronze Floor: Fulfills SR #1 & #2 – 1st example, change “flic-flac” to “rebound, backward roll”. 1st Pass – Round-off, rebound, backward roll

Original example does not fulfill SR #2 because the round-off is the third flight element resulting in 0.50 unallowable element deduction + NO VP + NO SR.



2013-2014 Member Updates


Membership and Educational Renewal Reminder:

Professional and Instructor membership expiration dates now align with the athletic competitive season.   Therefore, most professional memberships expired on 7.31.13. Any new or renewing safety and background check certification will have the 7.31 expiration date.

U100/Instructor Certification does not expire nor need be renewed.

Members can renew safety certification 1 year prior to expiration date

Members can renew background check certification 6 months prior to expiration date. 


Posting Schedule:

As a reference, below is the schedule to which online payments and certifications will appear on an individuals membership record.

Membership and Educational Payments: 

-24 business hrs. (payments placed Friday-Sunday will post the following Monday)

Background Check Certifications

-24 business hrs.  (results received Friday-Sunday will post the following Monday)

Safety and U100 Certifications:

-Monday-Wednesday-Friday (courses completed Friday-Sunday will post the following Monday)


Online Level Changes

Club administrators now have the ability to update levels online via their athlete roster without contacting Member Services.  In addition, Women, Men and T&T  has had some slight changes to their level structures.

  • Women's: Xcel divisions-Bronze, Sliver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond
  • Men's: Now include levels 1-3,
  • T&T: Due to the complexity of the T&T levels, you will notice that we no longer indicate an actual trampoline level. Therefore, when T&T level will only be listed as T&T discipline

Member Club

USA Gymnastics will no longer be offering the Registered Business membership. Moving forward we will only be offering the Member Club membership. In addition, we are aligning all Member Club expiration dates with the 7.31 model. 


Membership Verification Function

USA Gymnastics has a new tool that will assist both meet directors and club administrators in the process of meet registration. The new membership verification functionality will provide club administrators a  tool to assign coaches and athletes to sanctioned competitions. While, providing meet directors  a sense of ease that those assigned to their meets have had their memberships verified through USA Gymnastics. 

Click here to view an online "how to guide" or visit and click on "member updates" and select the New Membership Verification link. 


U100 Fundamentals of Instruction Coaching Requirement


On August 1, 2013, U100 certification became a requirement for all professional member acting in a coaching capacity at a sanctioned competition.


There are a variety of ways that both state/regional chairman, club administrators, meet directors and individual members can verify the U100 certification online.


Click here to find out how.


Web has been updated!! Calendar for 2013-14 season is now being scheduled!  If you are looking to host a meet you must have your request in by August 4th 2013 to be on the schedule and have your meet be counted for state qualification! We will NOT be running more than two meets on the same day for judging purposes. State rules and policies have been updated and fee's have increased this season. Also compulsory season will only be one season this year!!

OPEN STATE MEETING SEPTEMBER 22ND (all new rules to be discussed)

  Bids for all state meets are now open! If you are planning to bid for a state meet you must have the bid in by August 4th to the state director. All bids will be voted upon by the state board.
  CONNECTICUT USA GYMNASTICS bid form for state meets

Reminder that August of 2013 Rules and Policies will mandate all professional and Jr professional members acting in a coaching capacity in a USA Gymnastics Sanctioned competition must obtain a minimum certification with USA Gymnastics University of Instructor Certified.

 If coaches in your state will not be attending the National Workshop…don’t worry.  Region 7 congress in Lancaster, PA will have Linda Johnson (author of the compulsories) teaching the compulsories.  Region 7 Congress

USA Gymnastics has created the Clubs Care Campaign The Clubs Care Campaign was created to help individuals be more aware of the issue of child sexual abuse, and then suggest ways one can turn that awareness into action.  Just recently, USA Gymnastics did a mailing to the clubs providing them with materials to assist in awareness of the societal issue.  Awareness+Action=Prevention

The Clubs Care Campaign can help clubs:

  • Develop or revise policies
  • Establish standards of behavior for your staff and volunteers
  • Examine your hiring and training practices
  • Encourage parental monitoring
  • Set up procedures for reporting and handling misconduct complaints

We encourage you to post the campaign logo and link on your website and encourage clubs to increase the safety of all children. The Parent Oriented site is found at


If any clubs would like to host or promote a live course for 2013 please sign up with USA Gymnastics with what dates and locations are best for you. Recommended May-October.

 The live courses we are looking at adding to the  2013  schedule include:

R102 Preschool Fundamentals: Hands on Training (4 hour live course/ Member Club pricing available)

R103 School Age (Recreational):  Hands on Training  (5 hour live course/ Member Club pricing available)

W200 Development Coaches course: Hands on Training (6 hour course: addresses level 1-4 skills)

For your review is a link regarding general hosting requirements.


  The following links are for the judges scholarships  for 2013
  2013 Scholarship Application  
  2013 Scholarship Application 

this is an important message from Tom for anyone running meets this season.

To all meet directors and gyms sending meet entries.  Please be sure to update to Proscore 4.021.  Please check that all short names are exactly as they appear on the attached list.  Those of you who have entered coaches names, please check that those names are still valid and spelled correctly as they appear on our CT website - and gyms double check that the website is up to date as well.  All of the incorrect coaches names have added 5 minutes to every download.  Please let me know about any errors or omissions .  Make sure all meet names start with the date as this is how they are categorized in the system.  Do not capitalize gymnasts names when entering or they will appear as different gymnasts when checking qualification. Happy meet season  Tom     Proscore instructions for CT meets for Tom at New Era

  USAG News summer      USAG news summer II     Gymnastics Judging 101
  Attached are the revised rules for using and sending results for the pro-score program If  you are having any questions or problems with using pro-score or sending the files correctly please ask Tom at New Era. We are very strict on sending results in correctly and all in the exact same format!!           Proscore

Periodically USA Gymnastics releases broadcast e-mails to the Membership. Some members are not receiving these communications.  If you did not receive the recent e-mail ,with J.O. Clarifications,  - please contact Mike Bowman at .



  USA Gymnastics has created a specific ruling about what information can be listed about any child in online postings. Only the athlete's name and club may be shown. These are normally posted on Regional/State or Club websites. Parents are to be made aware that postings as noted above will be allowed and they must notify the meet director via their club coach, if they do not wish to allow their child's name listed at all.  The web pages made by our ProScore program conform to this requirement so it is nothing new to be concerned about.

                                   The National Office has moved and as of October 1, 2008 has a new address:

                                                                   132 E. Washington St., Ste 700

                                                                   Indianapolis, IN 46204

                                                      (Phone and Fax numbers remain the same)


VERY IMPORTANT! USA Gymnastics’ position on misconduct toward minors/athletes in general
and the Infante case in particular - Go! -

  Two new Professional Education Courses are now available online - First Aid Basics and PreSchool Fundamentals: Part 1 Theory.  Click here to learn more about them and to register.